Sea Lab Institute Of Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island is a barrier island at the mouth of Mobile Bay in Alabama. Once at the Sea Lab we met with Dr. George Crozier, the Executive Director of Sea Lab. George gave us a tour of the lab and of the Estuarium/Public Aquarium across the road as well as a personal slide show explaining coastal ecology. George geared the slide show towards architects and explained the complications and issues that we would face when building along the coastline.

A freak thunder storm came upon us within minutes. The rain was so intense that we had to wait until it stopped to cross the street. The storm only lasted for 30 minutes is quite normal on the island.

All of the plugs in the building are two to three feet above ground for flooding reasons.
Marine biologists will take out fish's ear bones and a machine is used to cut through them. Fish ear bones have growth rings which allow biologists to see how old the fish was.

The auditorium room. Unlike the auditorium in the Dal architecture building, this room, and all the rooms in the building are equipped with CO2 detection systems. Therefore when there are more people in the room and the CO2 rises a unit will kick in and force more air into the room.