Day 10 - Dauphin Island

We spent the tenth day of our trip in Dauphin Island. The barrier island itself is mainly sand, and is very unstable. The island moves with weather - sand is pulled from one side of the island and deposited on the opposite side. The houses on the island are constantly in danger of losing their land, while there are some properties which are now fully in the ocean.
In Dauphin Island we toured the sea lab, where we talked about the issues the island is facing and what can or should be done about them. Here we also visited a structure that was built to be atomic bomb proof. 
The first bit of our afternoon was spent on the beach, then we headed to Fairhope to check out the Windmill Market - a suggestion we got at the Sea Lab. We actually ran into the architects of the building (who had also designed the new building at the Sea Lab) who gave us a quick tour of the market. They suggested a great nearby sushi restaurant for dinner (Master Joe's). 
Driving towards Dauphin Island

View Behind the Gulf Breeze Motel

Storm Shutters

Raised Houses in Dauphin Island
Fairhope Windmill Market