Opening Day

Friday, June 8 -- celebrating Oceans Day
hosts: Cheverie Crossway Salt Marsh Society
         Coastal Studio, Dalhousie School of Architecture

Morning celebration -- with the children of Dr. Arthur Hines School
      between each station :: trail walk -- teachers, scavenger hunt
      station 1 :: salt marsh ecology -- Tony Bowron [trailhead]
      station 2 :: environmental theatre -- Two Planks and a Passion [patio blocks below camera obscura]
      station 3 :: sneak preview -- Coastal / Bowron [camera obscura]
      station 4 :: bricks and shell architecture -- Coastal Studio [high trail, behind camera obscura]
      station 5 :: environmental theatre -- Two Planks and a Passion [observatory]
      station 6 :: salt marsh ecology -- Don Aldous [boardwalk bridge]
      station 7 :: sketching observing -- Coastal Studio [trail at Acadian dyke]
      station 8 :: using/making shoebox pinhole cameras -- [bird box by trailhead]

      18 minutes each 7 minute rotation
      09:30 / 09:55 / 10:20 first rotation - 3 stations
      10:45 Low tide theatre (all convene on hillside to view the Bay) 
      celebration -- low tide  -- Two Planks and a Passion Theatre
      11:10 / 11:35 / 12:00 second rotation - 3 stations
      12:25 pm  lunch

Opening ceremony -- all invited
01:00 pm  ribbon cutting
      Rt. Hon. John MacDonell, Minister, Government of Nova Scotia
      Hon. / L'hon. Kelvin K. Ogilvie C.M., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.C.I.C., H.col., Senator, Government of Canada
      Hon. / L'hon. Scott Brison, Member of Parliament, Government of Canada
      Richard Dauphinee - Warden, Municipality of West Hants
      Reed W. Allen, Council, Municipality of West Hants
      Christine Macy, Dean, Dalhousie University

Afternoon celebration -- all invited
02:00 pm  High Tide High Tea
      High tea served at the Avon Emporium, Hwy 215, Summerville
      talks on tides, salt marsh ecology, timbrel vaults, camera obscuras

04:15 pm  High Tide at the Cheverie Salt Marsh
      guided tour

tides for opening day