Coastal Studio 2012

 This is the crew: Chris Howard, Ben Angus, Jay Alkana, Lee Lourn, Max Schnugen, Nanxi Liu, Cale Ricci, Tyler Hall, Luke Ryalls, Nuala O'Donnell, Michelle McKenna, Rebecca Peters

Coastal Studio Is Back At It

Coastal Studio is up and running again for the summer semester. This years studio will run similarly to previous years, with students taking part in design-build projects on the coast.
The semester will begin in Cheverie, NS, where students will be building a camera obscura pavilion using a brick timbrel vaulting technique developed by Raphael Guastavino. The pavilion will be built overlooking a recently reclaimed salt-marsh on the Bay of Fundy. The camera obscura will project images of the tidal range onto an interior wall.
In late May we will be travelling to the Southern United States, beginning in New Orleans and making our way to Savannah, then returning to Cheverie to complete the camera obscura pavilion.
Throughout the beginning of the semester students will be working in two groups developing designs for the school's freelab course. These designs will will be built during July in Cheverie, Ross Creek, or Cheticamp.