We stopped into the most bizarre place called Seaside which is in Florida. The reason that I say it's bizarre is because every in the town is perfect, or at least everything seemed that way. The houses here. Real estate is big here and houses range in price from $500, 000 to almost $5, 000, 000. Also, has anyone seen the movie The Truman Show staring Jim Carey? Well this is the place where the movie was filmed, so you can understand why it felt well kept.
While we were here, Matt, who was the coordinator for the day, planned a architectural hunt he called 'There A'int No Parti, Like A Seaside Party' where we had to find specific houses by certain artists, trivia and test our abilities at drawing 'partis' of certain houses.

Running between all of the houses on each block are narrow sandy pathways that cut between the backyards of each house. These pathways serve as a more secluded route throughout the neighborhood.

A typical road amongst the neighborhood off of the man waterfront street.

One of the many beach pavilions that serve as entrances to the white beach.

This is the smallest post office I have ever been in. Inside there is only room for maybe four people.

Another beach pavilion.

A view looking up into that particular pavilion.

Beach umbrellas and chairs went as far as you could see along the beaches.

Keri, Clayton and I (Jon) walking around on our Parti search.