Rural Studio, 20K House, near Greensboro AL

This house was built by Rural Studio. We got wind of an opening of their new 20K house and went to see what it was like. We got to talk to some Rural Studio students at the opeing as well. A 20K home is built for lower income families and the premise behind these houses is that if a low income family can afford a twenty thousand dollar trailer then they can afford a 20K house.

Pie...I love Pie!! -- Greensboro AL

This was a very cool place is Greensboro called PieLab. I really wish there was one of these back in Halifax. It was started by two guys named Matt and Mark. In a nut shell the premise of the business is this:
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Pie + Conversation = Ideas / Ideas + Design = Positive Change
I think that this would do really well in Halifax.

This is the back of house where the graphoc designers work.

A stylish narrow bathroom.

These walls are on wheels and separate the front of the store from the back where meetings and designing happens. We had a great chat with Matt and Mark on the salvage wood table.

The Pie, THE PIE!!!

Rural Studio, Lions Park, Greensboro AL

Lions Park has a lot to offer. It has baseball fields, a skateboard park, two basketball courts and a horse riding area.

The main gates into the park.


Seat covering for the baseball players.

This structure is a canteen that opens up at the end.

Rural Studio, HERO Office, Greensboro AL

As written on their website:
"HERO works as a catalyst for community development in areas of the Alabama Black Belt to end rural poverty. As a non-profit housing resource center, HERO provides community resources and housing education. HERO began in 1994 by a group of committed citizens who wanted to create a strong community focused on family. HERO is a 501c3 non-profit organization."
The reason I've added this post is because Matt and Mark took us there which was down the street from PieLab. They are also starting up a new project just a little bit further down the street again called Project M: Think Wrong.