Day 13 - Rural Studio

Our second day of rural studio was spent mostly at Perry Lake Park, where rural studio had built a pavilion, three washrooms (each with a unique view), a covered bridge, and a 100 ft tall tower. We had a picnic at the pavilion, then had a debate for one of our courses. After some more exploring we headed to a church designed by Paul Rudolf then drove to Atlanta for the night.


washroom view

washroom view #2


view from birding tower
birding tower

Paul Rudolf Church

Church Ceiling

Rural Studio, The Three Washrooms, Perry Lakes A

The three public washrooms here at Perry Lakes were all locked when we were there. Fortunately I was able to climb in or through two of them to get photos.

The wood in this photo is the entrance to the first washroom.
And this is what you see when you are sitting on the toilet. Mmmm, yes. Very nice.

This is the view in the second washroom which is quite amazing.
Second washroom again with the door on the left.
The third washroom was elevated about 7 feet up and was a lot harder to get access to sense there was no hole big enough to fit myself through. However I did manage to get my hand in there and take a photo looking up, which is basically what the view would be like.