Day 17 - Savannah -- SCAD -- Telfair

Monday we booked a tour at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The campus consists of about 70 re-purposed buildings scattered throughout the city. We went on a bus that took us to look at a residence, the industrial design building, a graphic design building and a few other buildings. 
After the tour we met for lunch then headed to the Telfair Museums. We visited the Jepson Center for the Arts - designed by Moshe Safdie - and the Telfair Academy - a mansion built in 1818. 
We split up for the afternoon so everyone could have a relaxing last day in the south then met up again for dinner. 

SCAD Workshop
Staircase at SCAD

Jepson Center

Jepson Center
Jepson Center

Statue at the Telfair Academy

SCAD Tour, Savannah GA

SCAD in the Savannah College for Art and Design. The college, if i remember correctly, is $20, 000 a year!! It doesn't matter if you are international or note. The school was amazing though. They had buildings all over the city and their facilities and resources were very abundant. If you have the money, it is well worth looking into.

This ceiling changes colour every few seconds. Pretty cool.
... and if you feel the need to take a nap, well there's something for that too. Pretty neat.
The way the chair works is it blocks out sound and has a timer that will vibrate the chair once it's done.

This is in the architecture building. Out of all the faculties at SCAD, we were the least impressed with the architecture building.